About us

Delivering the finest quality seafood directly from the fisherman’s nets to the hands of our expert chefs.

We love our seafood and we want to simplify matters for all seafood lovers!

Through pur experience working at a local seafood distributor ever the last couple of years, we have realised that it can be challenging for consumers to find quality seafood and even more challenging for them to have it delivered to their doorsteps.

Our mission is to bridge that gap by providing high quality live, chilled and frozen seafood without the need for consumers to head down to the wet market in the early hours of the day. All consumers need to do is to simply place an order online and we will have it delivered right their doorsteps. Whether it is for a party, feast or even just a simple home-cooked meal, we have it covered.

Our products top quality

We understand that the quality of the product defines a business and that is why we take pride in the fact that majority of our products are imported directly from the source. Our products are stored in a facility that is well equipped with the technology required to preserve their quality. Live products are stored in professionally designed water tanks to mimic conditions close to their natural habitat while chilled and frozen products are stored in chillers and freezers to ensure that there will be no compromise in quality. This is to ensure that consumers are getting the freshest seafood when it reaches them.

We are committed to providing consumers with a go-to portal that allows them to have an experience similar to getting seafood fresh off the ocean without the actual need to leave the house!